Frequent Asked Questions

General Questions

Scuba Diving

Outer Islands:

Dives generally consist of medium-level diving. San Miguel and Santa Rosa tend to be more prone to strong current, and the dive sites are on average a little deeper.; Both islands boast abundant marine life and these trips are ideal for hunters and photographers alike.

Santa Cruz Island:

Dives are slower paced, easier diving. Generally the current is minimal and the sites are of relatively shallow depth. These trips are ideal for divers who may not be used to boat diving, divers who have just been certified, or for those who have not been diving for some time.

Rig Dives:

Truth Aquatics occasionally runs one day dive trips to Platform Grace. Grace is an oil rig that sits between Santa Barbara Harbor and Anacapa Island. The platform sits in about 250 feet of water, so divers will choose at what depth they’d like to dive it. On a rig dive, the boat will act as a mothership, idling near the rig. The crew will then take divers out on the skiff 6 at a time to dive the rig. The skiff will drop the divers off on the up current side of the rig, and pick them up down current. Then, the skiff will return to the boat to pick up the next set of divers. This process will be repeated until each diver has had a chance to dive the rig twice. Then, the boat will head over to Anacapa or Santa Cruz Island for a dive or two to finish off the day.

Wreck Dives:

We will normally dive the SM1 and the Gosford, which are wrecks located up the coast near Pt. Conception. The SM1 is an early oil drilling barge that lies relatively intact in approximately 80 ft. of water. The Gosford is a four-masted wooden sailing lying in 35-55 ft of water. Both wrecks are subject to current and are considered intermediate diving. Because of the variety of sea life that congregates around the wrecks, wreck dives appeal to both hunters and photographers.

How do bunks work on 1-Day trips?
Just as on all dive trips, passengers on 1-day dives are encouraged to board the boat the night before departure. However, bunks on one day trips are not reserved in advance. All bunks are first come, first served on one day trips so if passengers have a bunk preference, we recommend arriving early.

How many dives per day?
One day trips will usually do 4 dives. However, depending on conditions, there are times when we can only do 3 and times when we can do as many as 5

Are towels and bedding provided?
We provide a pillow and a blanket. We recommend passengers bring a sleeping bag as well as their own towels.

Do instructors receive a discount?
Instructors may go for free on one day trips.

Are non-divers allowed aboard?
Non-divers are allowed on our dive trips.

Do non-divers pay full price?
On one day dive trips, non-divers half-price but are not allowed to enter the water. However, non-divers who choose to pay full price are allowed to snorkel or kayak.

What are non-divers allowed to do?
Non-Divers may pay half-price but are not allowed to enter the water. However, non-divers who choose to pay full price are allowed to snorkel or kayak. These are available to rent at an additional cost and a reservation is highly recommended.

Will there be alcohol on the trip?
Alcohol is not included, nor is it available for purchase. You are welcome to bring your own.

Can you bring coolers?
You may bring coolers with you on the trip.


Island Adventures are relaxed pace, daylong trips for kayaking, snorkeling and enjoying the Channel Islands. Like dive trips, all meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages are included. The ticket price also includes skiff tours of Painted Cave, weather allowing.


For Island Adventures is the western end of front side Santa Cruz Island, as long as weather allows.


  • Departure time is 8 am. Passengers will be served a continental breakfast during the crossing to Santa Cruz Island. This crossing will generally take about 2 hours.
  • Upon Arrival at Santa Cruz Island, the boat’s first destination is Painted Cave. As long as weather allows, the crew will conduct skiff tours of the cave. This area is great for viewing humpback and blue whales, as well as seals, sea lions, and dolphins.
  • After the cave, we will motor down to a cove and anchor the boat. The crew will unload kayaks for those wishing to kayak and we will be near some good snorkeling for the snorkelers.
  • Hot BBQ Lunch will be served in the early afternoon. We will start heading home around 2:30 or 3 and be at the dock at 4:30pm.


Where can I rent my gear?
The SEA Landing Dive Center is fully equipped with scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking equipment, available for rent for the duration of your trip. We also rent fishing poles, and sell weights, hooks, and frozen bait.

Is Diving allowed?
Diving is allowed for those passengers who wish to dive. Like on dive trips, air fills are included.

Is Hiking allowed?
No. This is Nature Conservancy private land.

Are children allowed onboard?
Children are welcome onboard island adventure trips. These trips are meant to be family oriented and all activities are all kid-friendly.

What is included in the ticket price?
The ticket includes a continental breakfast, hot lunch, and a snack on the way home. All snorkeling and kayaking gear is separate, but can be arranged. Passengers may also rent fishing rods for these trips.

What are the rental prices?
A snorkel package is $24, single kayaks are $40, tandem kayaks are $75 for the day.

What is the price of the trip?
Adults $112, children ages 5-12 are $56, and ages 4 and under are free.