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5-Day Southern Channel Islands / Limited Load Dive

This 5-Day Limited Load is similar to the standard Truth Aquatics 5-Day Southern Island trip but has an artificially decreased capacity at 26, upgraded meals, and more advanced diving. The Southern Channel Islands are world-renowned dive locations featuring beautiful, warm, and clear waters. Photography and sightseeing dominate the dives here, however; hunting is also popular as these are extremely productive waters. The Southern Channel Islands hold a thriving local population of Yellowtail and seasonal White Sea Bass, both coveted game fish. Our multi-day dives allow you to experience a variety of different environments. Most trips will visit three to four islands and yield 3-4 dives the first days and 3 dives on the last day, with the opportunity for a night dive each night (weather permitting).

Diving conditions at the Southern Channel Island are known for the clearest and warmest waters. Located in the southern most region of the channel, these islands receive the warmest waters from the tropical currents from the south. Giant kelp beds, schools of fish, coral banks, and shear walls make this a diver’s paradise. Waters in the summer can reach over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and photographers flock to this island for some of the best wide angle photography available in California.

August 20 – 24
Departs at 10 PM
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