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California scuba diving in the kelp forests around the Northern Channel Islands is a unique and different experience for divers more accustomed to tropical waters. Diving in kelp is similar to a walk in a lush forest of trees with these plants growing to heights of more than 120 feet. Giant kelp helps support this rare aquatic ecosystem, providing domicile for more than 800 species of marine life.

The knowledgeable Truth Aquatics crew will provide you with many scuba diving opportunities to discover a wide variety of underwater landscapes. There are untold opportunities for viewing and photographing a panorama of underwater vistas. Unlike the coral reefs of tropical waters, the giant kelp forests of the Channel Islands add a third dimension.

San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz and Anacapa Islands offer different and unique collection of sea life so even the most discriminating diver can find a variety that will keep them entertained. These California waters have something to offer every diver… let’s dive!

July 31 – August 3
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This 5-Day Limited Load is similar to the standard Truth Aquatics 5-Day Southern Island trip but has an artificially decreased capacity at 26, upgraded meals, and more advanced diving. The Southern Channel Islands are world-renowned dive locations featuring beautiful, warm, and clear waters. Photography and sightseeing dominate the dives here, however; hunting is also popular as these are extremely productive waters. The Southern Channel Islands hold a thriving local population of Yellowtail and seasonal White Sea Bass, both coveted game fish. Our multi-day dives allow you to experience a variety of different environments. Most trips will visit three to four islands and yield 3-4 dives the first days and 3 dives on the last day, with the opportunity for a night dive each night (weather permitting).

Diving conditions at the Southern Channel Island are known for the clearest and warmest waters. Located in the southern most region of the channel, these islands receive the warmest waters from the tropical currents from the south. Giant kelp beds, schools of fish, coral banks, and shear walls make this a diver’s paradise. Waters in the summer can reach over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and photographers flock to this island for some of the best wide angle photography available in California.

August 14 – 19
Departs at 10 PM
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Cortes Bank is a chain of underwater pinnacles and plateaus located 137 nautical miles (nm) southeast from Santa Barbara and about 40 nm southwest of San Clemente Island. Scuba diving Cortes Bank is a truly unique experience. It is an open water seamount where currents sweep clean ocean water over the spot and invertebrates cling to the rocks. Palm kelp fixed to the rocks provides shelter for smaller fish and sealife that hide among its fronds. Large clusters of purple hydocoral can be seen throughout the area as well as tuna, yellowtail, large schools of baitfish, sea lions, and occasional sharks. Large black and white sea bass are common sights as well California sheep head. Lobster divers continue to make this spot a top priority to visit during season and free divers frequent the area in the spring and summer for yellowtail, white sea bass, and tuna. Wreck diving can also be done at this location on the Abalonia.

Diving at Cortes Bank can be spectacular but anyone who ventures out there needs to be mentally and physically prepared. On any open ocean dive location one needs to understand that ocean swells and currents are normally present and a flat calm day is rare. When you get good conditions at “The Bank” it will be a dive you will not forget. Sometimes it can be frustrating to get to the bank, but when you do, it can be well worth the effort.

August 19 – 23
Departs at 9 PM
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