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3-Day Mermaid Photo Workshop
with Ralph Clevenger

You’ve seen it all. Sharks, giant sea bass, schools of bat rays, lobsters and moray eels, and more fish than you can count, everything that’s unique about California’s Channel islands. But have you ever seen a mermaid? Join us on a 3-day limited-load trip to Catalina Island to photograph mermaids underwater. We will have three professional mermaids and their assistants on board to model for you. Ralph Clevenger has run these mermaid trips with his famous underwater photography classes at Brooks Institute for the last ten years so he’s got the experience to help you create some amazing images.

Our mermaids need warm, shallow water so we’ll be working in a few of our favorite coves on the leeward side of Catalina Island. When you’re not photographing mermaids they’ll be lots of opportunities to dive the kelp beds and rocky points of the island. And you don’t need to scuba dive. The models need to come up for air so snorkelers can get just as good an image as a scuba diver.

Our last morning will be at Anacapa Island. The topography at this island is very dramatic and can provide a new look to the mermaid images, both above and below the water. Ralph will be providing a pre-trip package of ideas to get you thinking about what type of images you want to create with the models, how a typical day is scheduled, and sample images from previous trips.

This is truly a special opportunity to work with talented underwater models so add this one to your bucket list!

August 10-13, 2017
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