Water Sports

_RAC8548-2Sea kayaking and standup paddle boarding are fast becoming the most popular activities at the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary. Both are fun, safe, and easy to master. Anyone in the family can learn to kayak or standup paddle board with proper safety equipment.

Bring your own equipment or rent from Sea Landing Dive Center before your trip. If your group would like to schedule a kayak instructor to come aboard your trip, let us know and we will be happy to set it up with advanced notice. Truth Aquatics works directly with professional kayak companies who teach proper paddling skills and how to judge ever-changing ocean conditions. It is advisable to get skilled training before entering sea caves and overhead conditions.

Our on board kayak rack is the perfect place to store your kayak or paddle board when traveling across the channel to hard to reach destinations. These remote locations are seldom visited and give the true adventurer an opportunity to witness nature in its most raw form.

On our Multi-Day kayak adventures when the weather is right, kayaking from island to island is an experience only a few people have had. Kayaking with dolphins, whales and sea lions is an adventure beyond words. Paddling over lush kelp beds allows you to play hide and seek with seals and sea lions hiding in this marine forest.

12_RAC7903Sheltered paddling sites offer novices the opportunity to get familiar with the equipment while enjoying a beautiful backdrop that is inherent of the Islands. Kayaking also provides the opportunity to view tide pools along the rocky shores that larger boats cannot access. These pools are not visited often by humans and are home to an abundant array of marine life.

After you have mastered kayaking, entering the sea caves at Santa Cruz Island is something that you will never forget. Painted Cave is one of the world’s largest sea caves where you can literally venture back a few hundred yards. Other caves in the area provide unparalleled sighting of rock formations and hues, along with a multitude of sea birds.

Kayak guides can be arranged prior to departure on private charters so if your group is interested kayaking please contact Truth Aquatics for further information. For detailed information on kayaking or standup paddle boarding opportunities at each island see the kayak section under each island.