Jerry Boylan


Jerry Boylan grew up by the sea. His father was an officer with the United States Coast Guard stationed on Anacapa Island where he was the officer in charge of the lighthouse. After a three-year duty, Jerry’s family relocated to Point Conception, California where they spent another three years by the sea. Jerry began his diving career at the tender age of 5 by spending hours in the water free diving with his father. In 1978 he learned to sail and immediately began managing Santa Barbara Boat Rentals. In 1982 he received his SCUBA certification so that he could dive when he was out on his sailboat.

Jerry was hired on with Truth Aquatics in 1983 and received his captain’s license in 1985. After assisting Glen with the construction of the Vision, Jerry soon became the full-time captain of that boat. Jerry has since captained all of the Truth Aquatics liveaboard vessels as well as other boats in the sport diving and commercial marine industries. Jerry is presently in command of the Conception and enjoys showing others the beauty of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands.