Glen Fritzler

Owner / Captain

Glen Fritzler started scuba diving with his Father at the age of 12. Every weekend was spent diving the California coast or making a once a month boat dive. After meeting Truth Aquatics founder Roy Hauser on the original Truth, Glen and his dad crossed paths with Roy again after his boat was lost at San Clemente Island in 1972. Roy asked Glen to spend the summer with him helping with the construction of the new Truth and after its launching Glen became a deckhand. In 1979 he received his captain’s license and at that same time became partners with Roy.
He has had a hand in the building of all three vessels in the Truth Aquatics fleet and personally oversaw the building of the Conception and the Vision. Glen has logged hundreds of hours at sea in his thirty plus years as a captain running multi-day live-aboard dive trips to the Channel Islands. While he does captain several trips a year, today, as the sole owner of Truth Aquatics, he spends most of his time managing the business and is always available to answer correspondences.

Glen’s passion for the sea extends to his concern about the environment and he and his crew have made a conscious effort to lessen the dive boats’ impact on the ocean waters. For these efforts they received the Green Award by the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District long before conservation became a fashionable thing to do.

One of the most personable people you will ever meet Glen instills the same in his captains and crew. When you step onto one of his dive boats it’s like being invited to his house for dinner. You are given a warm welcome and made to feel comfortably at home.