Davey Woodland


Captain Davey Woodland has been with Truth Aquatics on and off since the early 90’s, when he joined the company as a deckhand aboard the Conception. Raised in Los Angeles, Davey grew up around the ocean, so it was only natural that he became a scuba instructor. After teaching in LA and Ventura, he came to Santa Barbara and continued his ocean adventures.

Davey accumulated sea time in his 20’s and obtained his US Coast Guard Master’s license, and has acted as Captain of all three Truth vessels at various points in his career. He has taken some breaks from the seagoing life at various times, once to obtain his pilot’s license.

Back with Truth Aquatics once again. Davey has been in command of the Truth since November of 2013, running her out of Long Beach Harbor for a few winter seasons and now solidly established back in Santa Barbara. The variety of trips that run aboard the Truth – scuba diving, kayaking day trips, island adventures and research trips – are well suited to Davey’s colorful personality. He enjoys meeting a wide variety of guests and can occasionally be found up in the wheelhouse, rocking out to the BeeGees or playing his own bass guitar, treating passengers on the sundeck to an impromptu concert.

Currently Captain Davey enjoys freediving and spearfishing for White Sea Bass whenever the opportunity presents itself, and he and his second in command, Eli, look forward to welcoming YOU aboard the Mighty Truth !