Awards & Recognitions

Over the years Truth Aquatics has received many awards from various agencies not only from scuba diving related organizations, but from County, State, and Federal organizations as well. Prior to the recent “green” movement, Truth Aquatics was proactive in looking at its own business practices and made adjustments to receive the prestigious “Green Award” in Santa Barbara County. Today Truth Aquatics continues to make improvements to its liveaboard dive boats to make them even more Eco-Friendly.

“Truth Aquatics, Inc. operates three large island excursion, diving, fishing boats out of Sea Landing, in the Santa Barbara harbor. Over the past two years, Truth Aquatics has participated in two Air Pollution Control District Innovative Technology Group programs, and has repowered all of its vessels with low-emission main and auxiliary diesel engines. This effort reduced the air emissions from the boats by approximately 70%. The boats have also been equipped with high purification oil filters that substantially extend the life of engine oil and reduce the need for oil.
The company has also switched from disposable paper and styrofoam products to reusable plastic containers producing a 70% reduction in trash. Guests are taken on tours of the engine rooms and told how the repowered engines provide an example of how to minimize our impacts on the environment in real life.”The Green Award
“I have two kids and feel very strongly about the need to look ahead to the future of our planet. It’s important not just to make the changes, but also to educate people about what you’re doing. I’m very pleased we’ve been able to make a contribution. This is an entire crew effort, from bottom to top. All of our employees contributed—some just by washing more dishes. And it’s true we have more dishes to wash—but we also have less trash to dispose of. Our focus is to make choices each day that are better for our environment” Glen Fritzler, owner, Truth Aquatics, Inc.