Trip Planning

When planning your trip with us, please review the following items for any questions you may have…

Call Truth Aquatics at 805-962-1127 or book your spot online. A full payment is required to guarantee your reservation. If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason you may do so by notifying us 14 days in advance of your departure date. With 14 days notice you may switch to another date or we can send you a Rain check. Rain checks are not redeemable for cash. Cancellations made less than 14 days in advance of the departure date forfeit the full deposit. 
Contact the group that has the trip dates you are interested in. You will find their number on the calendar section of this website. They will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the type of diving, cost, itinerary, etc.
Includes all meals, snacks beverages (except alcohol, BYOB), multi-day Fish & Game permits, and air refills (compressors capable of filling to 3500 psi). The trip does not include any rental of dive equipment, crew gratuity, or fishing licenses.
Once you have booked a trip, it is advisable to arrive in Santa Barbara and stay on board the night before the trip. You may board any time after 8 PM. Please look for the Welcome Aboard pamphlets (which will be laid out on the galley tables). They describe where everything is located on the boat. Also please look for the boat’s manifest and please print your name on it legibly along with signing a “Statement of Understanding”. No roll is taken prior to departure and it is everyone’s responsibility to be on board.
If Truth Aquatics needs to cancel the trip for any reason (i.e.: mechanical problems, lack of participation, weather, etc.), we will attempt to contact you by 3 PM two days prior to the trip. Please call 805-962-1127 if there is any concern regarding the trip status.
Truth Aquatics cannot accept responsibility for personal travel expenses incurred. It is advisable to purchase travel insurance at time of booking.
Should any personal item be misplaced, forgotten, lost, or stolen, Truth Aquatics will do everything in its power to retrieve the missing item. However, Truth Aquatics cannot accept responsibility for your personal effects. Please check the boat thoroughly after your trip.
As an added bonus you may purchase a Gold Card for $2 and after you have made (5) one day Open Boats, or (5) days of Truth Aquatics Dives, or Limited Loads you will receive a $100 credit towards any multi-day liveaboard dive trip or the full value of any 1-day trip. Simply have the captain sign off each day you make on the card. Please note that Gold Cards are only redeemable on the trips mentioned above. Any promotions or discounts offered by private charters are handled separately by the charter agent.
Anyone fishing must have a California Fishing License. You can purchase these at the Sea Landing office or from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Items that you will need for fishing include mesh bag for diving and one for live storage, spear gun or pole spear, extra tips and bands. Lobster season begins the Saturday proceeding the first Wednesday in October through the first Wednesday after the 15th of March. Fish and scallops are open year round. Please be a responsible fisherman and adhere to all Fish & Game regulations. For more information on fishing in the Channel Islands visit our fishing page.
Please note the cost of the trip does not include any gratuity for your hardworking crew. Tipping is not required but sincerely appreciated when earned. The crews are always trying to make your trip special through their extra efforts. With this in mind, a 15% gratuity is customary.
On most multi-day liveaboard dive trips with Truth Aquatics we will plan departure times to travel during the night hours so that you arrive at the dive sight first thing in the morning. The location will dictate departure time so check the schedule closely before traveling so that you arrive on time.
The boat is always open the night before departure so that you have plenty of time to board the vessel, sign in on the ship’s manifest, store your equipment, and settle into a comfortable bunk. When you hear the engines of the boat come to life you may remain in bed or awake to watch the boat maneuver out of the Santa Barbara Harbor as we get underway to your dive destination.
Water temperature can vary up to 15 degrees from the Northern and Southern ends of the island chain with an average of 50-60°F in winter and 60-70°F in summer. Visibility can range from 40 to 100 feet and on rare occasions sometimes even up to 150 feet.