Our Fleet

Since the launching of the vessel Truth in 1974, Truth Aquatics has set the standards for liveaboard dive boats on the California coast. Each boat was specifically designed and built for divers by divers. All three vessels were built as dive boats and were not converted from some prior use.

Many design features make the Truth Aquatics dive fleet unique including circulating mask rinsers at each exit to a submerged ramp and boarding step for easy boarding after your dive. Large benches at the bow and stern make suiting up easier while a special warm-air room dries wet suits quickly between dives. Dual air compressors allow rapid tank refilling so there is never a wait for your next dive.

For those who like to fish, there are live game wells as well as deep freezers to store your fresh caught game. The bunkroom has comfortable single and double bunks that offer curtains, reading lights, pillows and blankets along with a dressing room. Between dives you can relax on the sundeck or enjoy it during sunsets with your favorite beverage.

Hot water showers are located on deck for a quick rinse or you can enjoy the below deck shower room. Our waterproof galley allows you to come in out of the weather with your wetsuit on and enjoy something to eat, or to work on your camera equipment. Centrally located heads are waterproof as well and are convenient to use during the dive day. A kayak rack is situated to where the kayaks can be stored out of the way after use and do not clutter the decks.

We feel you will agree that after spending some time at sea on one of these boats that a lot of thought and care went into the design and construction of them. Attempts by others to copy the Truth Aquatics fleet of custom dive boats have been made but none have succeeded. Making the statement “Often copied, but never duplicated” holds true. We constantly maintain and upgrade the vessels so that they remain known in the dive industry as “the best”.


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The Warrior

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The Flagship

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