Our Crew

Our crew is amongst the hardest working individuals you will ever meet. They are up at dawn and work through the night dive. Our basic philosophy at Truth Aquatics is teamwork. Even though you may be a qualified captain, cook, or deckhand, no job is below any member of the crew. This implies that captains scrub heads, deckhands do dishes, and galley crew help on deck. Everyone has specific jobs that are top priority but helping each other is what makes the crew considered a team. Our motto is “See it, do it, if you have not found anything to do you haven’t looked hard enough.” Having a well-run crew makes for a good trip for everyone, especially our liveaboard guests.

The Captains


Captain & Owner

Glen Fritzler

Glen Fritzler started scuba diving with his Father at the age of 12. Every weekend was spent diving the California coast or making a once a month...

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Jerry Boylan

Jerry Boylan grew up by the sea. His father was an officer with the United States Coast Guard stationed on Anacapa Island...

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David Woodland

Captain Davey Woodland has been with Truth Aquatics on and off since the early 90's, when he joined the company as a deckhand...

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Ian Higgins

Ian was born and raised in San Diego, CA, spending his youth on or near the water. Surfing, bodysurfing, SCUBA and freediving...

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Truth Aquatics is always on the look out for good crew. If working extremely hard and diving the Channel Islands is what you are looking for then send us a resume. The type of work on a liveaboard dive boat is not for a typical nine to fiver; this work is for the adventurous soul who likes to watch the sunrise over the ocean and spend days at a time cruising the Channel Islands. Our main criterion is that you are friendly and courteous, the rest we feel you can learn. As a non-licensed crew you can accumulate sea time and eventually sit for your master or mate’s license at the United States Coast Guard. Learning seamanship is something that every crewmember has had the chance to do with Truth Aquatics and many have moved on to successful careers in the maritime industry.

As a crew member you will learn to:

  • Work well with others


  • Work with the public


  • Be neat and organized


  • Learn boat mechanics and maintenance


  • Become a better diver through opportunity


  • Learn from others onboard


The Crew:

To become a captain on the boats that person has to posses a Masters License and have enough experience with the company to have a complete understanding of the company’s philosophy, knowledge of the vessel and all of its machinery. They must also know local weather, have knowledge of diving and hiking spots, and be able to direct a crew.
A second caption must posses a Mates or Masters License. Must be willing to work the deck to gain knowledge of every aspect of the vessel, learn local weather, learn about local diving and island hiking spots, and learn to direct crew.
Deckhands must be willing to learn and work hard. Specialized skills are not needed but a positive attitude is mandatory. If you are a willing person, we feel we can teach you the rest.
The First Galley must have food preparation and cooking experience, be able to make food orders and direct others. This person is in charge of all aspects of the food prepared on board and is in charge of second galley personnel. Because of the tight space in the galleys, this is where teamwork gets the true test.
Second Galley must be willing to learn and work hard. Special skills are not needed but a positive attitude is mandatory. If you are a willing person, we feel we can teach you the rest.

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